You — For the Win!

The reasons behind pursuing a Lazaridis MBA are as unique as the individuals we welcome into our programs. For many of our co-op students, securing an MBA immediately after gradation is a way to gain more job-relevant experience and get prepared to hit the job market running. For many in our Part-Time programs, career advancement and breaking the proverbial glass ceiling is a motivating factor. And our Full-Time one year program many report feeling the call to a new career path and more job fulfillment.

Getting in and completing your MBA is an essential first step to achieving any of these objectives. But what happens next? How do you put your MBA to work for you? You own the interview.

Too often, skilled, passionate and ambitious professionals are intimidated by the prospect of a job interview. This isn’t surprising — this is, after all, your shot to tell the company you want to work for that you’re right for the job. And, depending on the interview structure itself, the physical layout of the space can create a perceived power disadvantage.

But, it doesn’t have to be this way. Here are three steps to helping you win the job you want.

Step one: Be prepared. Research the company and the role. Look at what hard and soft skills you can bring to it, and be ready to demonstrate why you feel you would be a great fit, not just to the role but to the company’s culture.

As part of the Lazaridis MBA network, you have access to Laurier’s Career Development Centre, where career consultants will help you prepare an interview agenda, equipping you with well-articulated answers to potential questions. Working independently with your career consultant, you can have mock interviews and receive feedback on body language and delivery style. You’ll also be coached in delivering persuasive and succinct responses that demonstrate your abilities.

Step two: Demonstrate confidence. Studies show that mimicking power is a great way to embody power. Demonstrating grace, poise and confidence under the pressure of an interview is a great way of showing your potential employer how you handle stress. Don’t devalue dressing the part and making the most of your first impression.

Step three: Hand over the control. There’s a misnomer that says the interviewee is in control – but you aren’t. Author and career strategist John Lees stresses that if you want to get a job you’ll love, your role in the interview is to make things easy for the interviewers. You’re following their lead and helping them find the best candidate for the job – you.