The global economy is undergoing a complete reorganization. Are you prepared for the opportunities?
Will you be among those individuals that have the education, experience, and ability to fulfill the roles of leadership?

The Lazaridis MBA degree offers several ways to gain international experience. By participating in one of our International Study course options you can immerse yourself in a different culture and economy. These opportunities allow you to gain valuable experience that employers appreciate. There are two ways that you may choose to complement your general MBA. The first being an International Business study trip elective which will provide you with international experience, and/or you can choose to attend an MBA summer school of your choice. Both options will offer you course credit towards your MBA degree, as well as the opportunity to apply your knowledge and skills in an international economy. These elective course options are open to all Lazaridis MBA candidates and provide applicable experience.

International Business Study Trip Elective

This is a two-week study trip that allows our MBA candidates to learn how businesses operate in a foreign country. Students will participate in business meetings and company tours in the host country. They will also gain valuable insight into the differences in culture, and how these differences affect business operations in that country. The study trip occurs in a different country each year and always takes place during the Winter term. Previous destinations have included South Africa, Spain, India, Turkey, Germany, and China to name a few. In 2018, our MBA candidates travelled to Colombia and Chile. Read more about the 2018 study tour.

A large group of students posing in front of the Cape of Good Hope sign in South Africa. The sign reads, "The most South-western point of the African continent".

“The study trip was an amazing experience. We were able to have an insider’s view of problems faced by different companies and their solutions in action. The knowledge gained about businesses and culture was unlike any academic class because you saw the whole story, unedited. The trip added value that cannot be taught in the classroom.”

Anthony Strong, PEng, MBA

International Summer School

During the Spring term, MBA candidates have the opportunity to attend summer school in a foreign country for an elective credit. This is a great opportunity for students to network with fellow MBA candidates from all over the world. You may attend the European Summer School in Advanced Management (Essam), Euromed in France, or you are welcome to choose a summer school destination of your own from approved, accredited Universities with Laurier International.

“The international summer school elective completely enriched my MBA experience. I was able to immerse myself in a different culture, meet inspiring business individuals from all over the world, experience multiple company visits, and learn how each of these companies are innovating their social responsibilities. Having the opportunity to live within a brand new culture, with a completely different language, has changed the way I view life and business going forward.”

Mathangi Mayakrisnan, BMath, MBA
Attended ESC Rennes School of Business in France, completing the two-week Corporate Social Responsibility elective

A group photo in front of the Stockholm School of Economics, another accredited university one can choose for their International Study