We design our MBA programs to suit your lifestyle and career goals

The Lazaridis School of Business & Economics offers several MBA degree formats to suit your work and family life balance. You can choose to do your MBA full–time in one year at our Waterloo campus, or comfortably pursue the same MBA degree in an alternate weekend schedule. The alternate weekend schedule is designed to offer working professionals the opportunity to study part-time and work full-time. A Masters in Finance is one of the many program options available for you to choose from at Laurier.

The Lazaridis MBA offers a degree program and schedule that suits anyone. We have our MBA with Co-op format for newly graduated university students looking to gain valuable work experience, as well as programs for seasoned professionals wanting to advance their career to the next level.

We have two MBA campus locations: Waterloo and downtown Toronto. Both locations offer MBA degree programs that are specific to each campus.

Enhance your knowledge and skills with electives

The Lazaridis MBA offers an extensive selection of elective courses, which makes our degree program even more flexible. Many of our electives are unique to the Lazaridis MBA and not easily found at other business schools.
Do you have a particular interest that you would like to explore? Laurier provides the opportunity to tailor your own elective by choosing to do an Independent Directed Studies course credit. This allows you to develop your own elective course and work with the guidance of one of Laurier’s faculty. Topics can be work-related, of a personal interest, or an entrepreneurial idea.

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Choose a specialization within the Comprehensive MBA

The Lazaridis MBA offers you the opportunity to pursue a general comprehensive MBA or choose from one of more than ten different MBA specializations. These specializations are designed to suit your individual career aspirations and help you take a step in the right direction. We have well-established and dedicated faculty members in each of the specialized business fields. This ensures that you receive the highest quality of education, which will help you to pursue the expertise of your choice. To earn a specialization, you will complete four specific elective courses in that business field. Candidates will always work with the MBA Program Office to determine the selection of courses at that time.

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Exposure to International Business

By choosing the International Business Management specialization, you will be given the opportunity of a two- week business trip abroad for course credit. This will help you enhance your specialty. The Lazaridis International Business Study Trip is designed to give you direct access and insight to doing business in another country. You will meet business leaders, visit their companies and manufacturing plants, participate in a marketing meeting, all while experiencing the culture and nuances of doing business overseas. Previous country tours have included, but are not limited to, South Africa, Turkey, Vietnam, Dubai, China, India, Eastern Europe, Argentina, Peru and many more. The International Business Study Trip elective is open to all of our MBA degree candidates. The trip is normally scheduled during the university’s February reading week, and the week following.

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