Why should you join Lazaridis for your MBA degree?

Choosing the Lazaridis MBA means becoming a leader. Leaders with the confidence, knowledge and skill to lead and manage in their companies and corporations in every industry, the world over.

This MBA is your opportunity to earn a degree that will have a significant impact on your career and future. It will create a confidence in you that will allow you to pursue and achieve your goals. You will have the knowledge and the skill set to make good professional and personal decisions. Ultimately, you will have the leadership ability to turn concepts into reality, the interpersonal skills to be a collaborative team player and the insight to make a difference in the world. Take a minute to hear from our Alumni Josh Siegal on how his MBA degree impacted his life.

A Variety of Program Options:

We offer you the opportunity to achieve your MBA degree in either full-time or part-time study. If you are able to take a break off from work for a year, you can achieve the degree full-time in an accelerated format. If you have recently achieved your undergraduate degree and need more experience, we have the full-time with co-op option. This offers students many opportunities to obtain exciting and relevant work experience while pursuing their graduate degree. And if you have already embarked on your career and are looking to advance, we have part-time in Waterloo and on the weekends part-time in Toronto, during which you can continue to work, have a family life and pursue your dreams.

Our classroom environment is rich in diversity of professional and educational backgrounds. You will find your fellow MBA candidates hail from countries all over the world. Many of your classmates will speak more than one language and will have more than one degree.

Our Students Work Together:

Teamwork is big in the Lazaridis MBA. Collaboration is essential to your success in our program. Our case-based learning style sparks in-depth discussions and lively debates in the classroom. The diverse blend of experience of your fellow classmates gives you the opportunity to engage in open and meaningful discussions in a welcoming team environment. We produce winning teams that excel at international case competitions. Most notably is our unrivaled success at Aspen Institute Business & Society International Case Competition in New York City.

When you join us, you will quickly learn that effective managers must be able to communicate clearly and persuasively. That is why you will participate in the MBA Professional Development program that is woven into the integrated component of the degree. It is a unique aspect of our degree that you will only find at Laurier. Our goal is to encourage the development of your full potential, and this starts early, allowing you to build on these skills throughout the degree.

Like thousands of other graduates since 1976, the Lazaridis MBA will change your life.