Webinar FAQ

This June we hosted two successful online information sessions for applicants interested in our Full-time, Full-time with Co-op and Part-time Evenings MBA degrees offered at our Waterloo campus.  Following the online sessions we wanted share the great questions we received with those that may have missed the session. Check out the questions along with our answers below.


Q: How are GMAT waivers being handled? What criteria must be met to get a GMAT exemption, and is it determined to be waived before or after I pay for my application?

A: Applicants applying to any of the 2020 Waterloo MBA degree formats will be eligible to be reviewed for a GMAT waiver before applying. This includes applicants to the Full-time MBA with Co-op degree. To be eligible for a GMAT waiver you must first meet all of the minimum admission requirements for the degree format you are applying to, and have successfully completed an approved quantitative course within the last five to six years, or within a degree conferred in the last five to six years, with a minimum grade of B+/77%. Please submit your unofficial transcript(s) for pre-assessment in advance of applying for GMAT waiver review.

Q: Will the online GMAT format be valid?

A: Yes. We will accept an unofficial GMAT score (paper test), a score from the new online GMAT exam, as well as a GRE score that converts to the minimum GMAT score required for the degree format you are applying to.

Co-op/Career Services

Q: Are students responsible in finding a company to work with during co-op terms?

A: No. Students will work with our co-op advisors in order to find an appropriate employer for their co-op term. This involves applying for various positions from a provided job board and interviewing for positions.

Q: Where do most students geographically work for co-op?

A: Based on previous work terms, 80% of students found employment within the GTA. At this time, be prepared that the Winter 2021 co-op work term may be a work-from-home position.

Q: In the case we are not able to find a co-op, can we switch the co-op term to an academic term and move the co-op term to a later date?

A: This is evaluated on an individual basis with your co-op advisor to determine the best solution for you.


Q: Is it possible to transfer from the Waterloo part-time program to the Toronto part-time program later in the degree?

A: Once an applicant completes the eight core required courses a request can be submitted to their Program Leader to switch formats. Some restrictions do apply. This is not eligible for Full-time MBA with Co-op students.

Q: If you were to switch from Waterloo to Toronto, would tuition be adjusted?

A: Yes.

Q: Are applicants accepted on a rolling basis or are all candidates equally considered after the application deadline?

A: Applicants are accepted on a rolling basis. We review complete applications as we receive them.  Part-one of the application is due by June 30th. If you submit a complete application before this deadline your application will be reviewed. After the June 30th deadline we will continue to review complete applications until the program fills.

Q: Do your three reference forms have to be completed by the June 30 deadline? Or do we simply need to provide their contact information?

A: No. For the June 30th deadline you simply need to submit the contact and email information for your three references. Upon submission of Part-one Laurier’s Graduate Studies will then email a specific reference form to each referee for completion.

Q: Who is considered an international student?

A: An international student is an applicant that is not a Permanent Resident, not a Canadian Citizen, or a student applying to study on a study VISA.

Q: Do references need to be academic?

A: Reference requirements differ for programs and applicants. Full-time MBA with Co-op applicants are required to submit three academic references, or, two academic references and one professional reference. For the Full-time MBA and Part-time Evenings MBA degree if an applicant has been out of school for more than three years then they need to submit three professional references, though, if an applicant has completed any education in the last three years they are required to submit one academic reference along with two professional references.

Q: How long should the statement of intent be?

A: There is no minimum or maximum word count for the Personal Information/Statement of Intent.  Feel free to answer the questions with as much or as little information as desired to best highlight yourself with your application.

Q: For the online pre-assessment do we need to include our official transcript or is our unofficial record of course work valid?

A: Unofficial transcript(s) and resume are sufficient.

Q: Are university transcripts from Bachelor’s degrees required for Part 1 of the application?

A: No. In Part-one of the application you simply need to state all of your education and reference information. In Part-two of your application is where you will be required to submit unofficial copies of any and all transcript(s).

Q: Who qualifies as a professional reference?

A: A previous manager or supervisor is the preference from any place of full-time or part-time employment, any country.

Q: What happens if not all of your references have replied before the application deadline?

A: In Part-two of your application you will be able to add additional reference information.  The first three references received (as per the requirements) will be used with your application.

Q: How do deferrals work?

A: If you receive an offer of admission you have the option to accept your offer, or accept your offer and defer for one year to begin in Fall 2021.