Sit in on a class at our Toronto or Waterloo Campus!

If you have been considering a Lazaridis MBA degree, we encourage you to visit a class at one of our campuses for the opportunity to try the Lazaridis MBA on for size.  

This is your opportunity to visit the campus, view the demographic of the Lazaridis MBA class, interact with current MBA candidates and experience the learning environment that you will be immersed in while completing your MBA degree. We understand the importance of fit when it comes to selecting an MBA degree program that is right for you and your goals, that is why we invite you to experience an inside glimpse into the Lazaridis MBA for yourself.

Contact us today to arrange your classroom visit and to observe a lecture at either our Toronto or Waterloo campus locations.

To visit a Toronto MBA class contact Janice:

To visit a Waterloo MBA class contact Debbie:

If you would like to get the full experience of our Waterloo campus, book a Waterloo campus tour with Laurier’s Welcome Centre. Campus tours take approximately 1.5 hours and cover various areas of the campus, including academic and faculty buildings, food outlets, the Athletic Complex and the Laurier Library.

We look forward to seeing you on campus soon!