The Power of A Good First Impression: MBA Application Tips

Making a good first impression to a potential employer is an implied necessity when applying for any job, as this sets the tone for future interactions with them. The difference between a successful and unsuccessful job interview may hinge on the quality of a first impression. Similarly, in an application to a post-graduate business educational institution such as the Lazaridis MBA, first impressions should be held in the same regard.

With the next intake for our Toronto MBA programs set for April 8th, 2016, and our Waterloo MBA programs set for Fall 2016, preparing quantitatively, but also qualitatively are very important things to do. For those who are thinking of applying, we have listed four tips that will help you prepare your Lazaridis MBA application:

1. Learn how to balance between humility and confidence

Modern society places a large emphasis on assertiveness and quick-thinking, so balancing on the thin line between confidence and arrogance is a tough act to follow. At the Lazaridis MBA, we seek candidates who have the confidence to share their ideas in a group setting, but who are also capable of knowing when to be good listeners, and when to let the ideas of others rise to the forefront. Demonstrating collegiality in a group setting is a skill that indicates to us that you will do well in a team environment, which ultimately helps your application.


2. Treat all stakeholders in the application process with respect

Always be polite and treat the “gatekeepers” with respect and courtesy as you begin your research, attend information sessions, and seek guidance on your application. A positive outlook signals to administrative staff that you are a team player, and will do well in the classroom environment. While high GMAT and GPA scores bode well for applicants, the Lazaridis MBA views applicants from a well-rounded perspective, and also takes qualitative factors into consideration.


3. Be mindful of the tone of your communication on all types of media

With a phone call or an in-person appointment, communication is relatively higher-in-quality, as opposed to e-mails or written mail. While you may have the best intentions for your receiver, a quick read-over of your email may help to see if your message actually conveys what you think. For example, this article on Business Insider shows the nuances surrounding different email send-offs, and some of them may surprise you! Learning to adopt varying “tones of voice” in text-based communication channels like email, may make the difference between a good first impression, or just an average one.


4. Book a class observation session to get a better feel of the Lazaridis MBA life.

The best way to get a feel for the Lazaridis MBA is to sit in on one of our classes on campus, either in downtown Toronto or Waterloo. You’ll get a better understanding of the teaching methodology of the Lazaridis MBA, and have the opportunity to speak with current MBA candidates. This will facilitate your understanding of the challenges and deliverables of an MBA degree. Booking a 1-on-1 appointment with one of our MBA Coordinators can help you evaluate your eligibility on a personal level. Taking advantage of these free resources will show your interest in the program, and demonstrate to the administrators that your commitment extends beyond the minimum level.


Applications are now being accepting for the April 8, 2016 intake of the Toronto MBA programs, and applications for the Waterloo MBA Fall 2016 intake officially open October 2015. Contact Maureen or Holly for more information.