Network for More Than Just Net Worth

In your MBA degree you will meet some of the most amazing people that bring unique experiences to the classroom every week. Each student will build a solid network that will open opportunities and create lifelong friendships. (Adam Fox-MBA ’12)

What is the best part of your job? It’s a question that everyone has been asked before. To some the answer is the work itself but to many it is their colleagues and the interpersonal connections that are the root of their job satisfaction. That is why the Lazaridis MBA has been designed from start to finish to revolve around not only the advanced and cutting edge curriculum but also networking with accomplished classmates.











But what do we mean by networking? The Lazaridis MBA program doesn’t just mean building relationships that lead to a promotion or an aspiring career path. Yes, of course the degree was designed so networking with accomplished classmates and faculty are in constant practice. However, we want you as an MBA candidate to build friendships that will last a lifetime. Whether it is through group projects, campus clubs, intramural sports teams or organized trips, we want you to take away more than just the degree that will change your life! What will also change your life is the relationships you will build in and out of the classroom. During your graduate studies you will build relationships with individuals from a wide variety of countries, educational backgrounds, years of work experience and ages. This unique and rare opportunity to network with such a wide array of people has been at the core of candidate and alumni success upon graduation from the Lazaridis MBA. As well, the many opportunities available during your study to explore the world and assist in the community help to strengthen the bonds between you and your classmates.

International Business Study Trip Elective











The educational International Business trip to Dubai and Istanbul is something that I will never forget, and the friends that I met on that trip are now a part of my Canadian family. (Miguel Lopez- MBA ‘13)

During the International Business Study Trip elective you not only will become closer to a small group of your classmates while travelling the world with them, you will also get to network with successful businesses in international emerging markets. Thus, making the study trip a well-rounded opportunity that candidates have used to enhance their international business knowledge, and make friends and connections for life!

Not for Profit Practicum

Travelling to Siberut was an amazing life changing experience… I will never forget the kindness and generosity of the people we met. (Brad Gawne-MBA ’03) 

The Not-for-Profit Practicum will assist in building on common interests through giving back to the community. Previous students have used this opportunity to connect with one another in a refreshing atmosphere outside of the classroom and continue to take on charitable projects together after completion of the degree.

The underlying message we want to share with you is that we strive to ensure the time spent earning your Lazaridis MBA degree is both educational and inspirational by giving you the platform and opportunities to build a network that will assist in the growth of your career, as well as establishing life-long bonds with your classmates and professors.