Lazaridis Hall Grand Opening


It’s officially official! Wednesday, May 24 marked the grand opening of Lazaridis Hall. Named in recognition of the generosity of local tech entrepreneur Mike Lazaridis, Lazaridis Hall is the new home of the Lazaridis MBA, Lazaridis School of Business & Economics, the Schlegel Centre for Entrepreneurship & Innovation, the Lazaridis Institute for Management of Technology Enterprises, and the Department of Mathematics.

The celebration featured 10 guest speakers including Wilfrid Laurier University President and Vice-Chancellor Dr. Max Blouw, the Honorable Bardish Chagger (MP of Waterloo) and Don Schmitt (Principal, Diamond Schmitt Architects). Mike Lazaridis, who donated $20 million to the Lazaridis Hall capital campaign, spoke about the impact this new building will have on student success. “I expect Lazaridis School students will be leading and managing the businesses born here,” said Lazaridis. “”We need to welcome students with open arms of opportunity because we need them to come and help us build Waterloo and Canada.”

Dean Micheál Kelly expressed what this building means to the Lazaridis School “The official opening of this building is a great way to cap off our school’s 50th anniversary,” said Dr. Dean Micheál Kelly, dean of the Lazaridis School. “We are truly proud to be associated with the Lazaridis name — a name that symbolizes innovation, entrepreneurship and integrity.”

Lazaridis Hall is a 220,000 square foot building that boasts a green roof, ample study space and a finance lab. The building is designed for the Gold LEED certification with environmental features including high efficiency lighting, a solar-powered carport and bird friendly glass. For a more detailed description of the building’s features, click here.

The grand opening is a high point in the Lazaridis School’s Building Canada’s Best Business School Campaign.  “This building is a game changer for Laurier!” Peter Ansley BA ’66, exclaimed to great applause.

If you missed last week’s celebrations, be sure to stop in for a tour.