Lazaridis Hall Classrooms are a hit!

In September 2015, the Lazaridis School of Business and Economics was named in honour of local technology entrepreneur, Mike Lazaridis. Just over a year later we welcomed our first students to the new Lazaridis Hall classrooms. Designed to encourage student collaboration and support immersive learning, students and faculty are enjoying the new spaces.

“Teaching in the new interactive classrooms are the most fun I’ve ever had!” says Strategy Lecturer, Tabatha Dominguez. In watching her students work through problems on the interactive wall boards, Tabatha likes the opportunity to observe their processes and respond in real time. The result is a more holistic learning environment.

In the past, Tabatha had tried working with students in desk groups, but the level of engagement and content retention remained low. With interactive wall screens and the open concept layout, classrooms like this one work to bring bright minds together like never before. Tabatha also remarked that as a teacher, this style of classroom enables a kind of kinetic teaching magic as the connection between the instruction and learning experience come together.

The interactive classrooms in Lazaridis Hall are a piece of the holistic teaching approach you’ll receive as a part of your Lazaridis MBA studies. When combined with the Integrated Core, Immersive learning opportunities and practical applications through case studies and competitions, we’re preparing adaptive thinkers who are ready to engage in an ever-evolving business world.

If you’ve been considering an MBA, we encourage you to visit a class and try the program on for size. To book your classroom visit contact Janice (Toronto programs) or Debbie (Waterloo programs).