Lazaridis MBA boasts highest female enrollment in GTA


Business is a male dominated environment. Canadian statistics show that of the 8 million women employed in this country, only 26,000 hold senior management roles. Laurier strives to change that. We value gender equality in the classroom, and we work to create an environment that encourages equal opportunity and gives women the support they need to develop as business leaders. A 2015 ranking by Canadian Business showcased that Lazaridis MBA programs have higher female enrollment than any other MBA program in the GTA with our classes on average consisting of 45% female students.

Our recent program statistics are a direct reflection of Lazaridis MBA’s aspiration to develop more female leaders within the business world. On average an MBA program in Canada has a 64% male to 36% female ratio. Laurier’s Full-time Waterloo Co-op program intake for 2015 is 54% female, and our Toronto MBA program intake is 47% female, both well above the standard MBA program average.

Laurier’s part-time Toronto MBA Program offers the perfect schedule for working women. It allows our candidates to focus on work during the week, attend classes on Friday night and Saturday, every 2nd weekend, and still have some time for themselves and their families. Christine Folia, is a Clinical Director at HealthPRO, an organization that “oversees the purchasing interests of more than 800 hospitals in Canada”. She leads a busy professional life and is the mother of two young children. As a recent MBA graduate of our part-time Toronto program, Christine says the Lazaridis MBA program schedule is the “only” program that could have worked for her.

“The Lazaridis MBA schedule gave me the greatest amount of flexibility to balance the demands of my home life, work, and school. With classes on alternating weekends, I was able to focus my attention on my studies outside of any disruptions from work, and I was able to be home with my family each evening.”

The Toronto part-time alternate weekend schedule works especially well for new parents, as a candidate can take maternity or parental leave from work and continue to pursue their MBA degree on weekends. Laurier also offers the option of taking a term off from your study schedule and returning to complete your degree when you are ready, within a five year limit. Our Toronto part-time alternate weekend program also offers students time off during the summer months. Christine stated that taking time off during the summer was much needed.

“It is really important in life to have some time to “recharge”, and having the summer months of July and August off to really have valuable family time was essential to me. This made it so much easier to get back into work and study mode in the fall.”

The one year full time Lazaridis MBA program offers another ideal schedule for women who are readying to enter the work world after several years of raising children. A candidate can pursue the degree quickly in exactly 12 months of full time study and be ready to embark on a new career upon graduation.

To further support the professional development and success of our female MBA candidates, we proudly host an annual Women’s Alumnae Studio Panel event. The Women’s Panel, held this year on Thursday November 26th, is an empowering evening where women encourage each other to take the next step in pursuing their MBA degree. Potential candidates will hear first-hand from several of our accomplished female graduates who have successfully completed their MBA degrees and are embarking on fulfilling careers.

For women striving for leadership roles, the Lazaridis MBA is the place to be. We pride ourselves in being a forward-thinking business school that not only embraces equality, but also seeks to create an environment conducive to the success of our female students. With female professors, program advisors, career center staff, and accomplished alumnae, the Lazaridis MBA provides our students with many real-life examples of successful women in business.