“It’s great to be a part-time student!”


It’s undeniable that the popularity of the part-time MBA is increasing. A high-caliber post-graduate program that offers the ability to work and study simultaneously opens doors for many professionals and students alike.

Wilfrid Lazaridis MBA is proud to offer seven part-time programs, spread out between our Waterloo campus and our Toronto campus, located at the heart of the financial district. These programs offer convenient and flexible schedules that allow you to balance your work, family and degree. Earning your MBA degree part-time while you work full-time means you have the opportunity to immediately apply the knowledge you gain from the program to make a noticeable impact in your career. The advancement potential is infinite!

Although we can go on and on about our convenient and flexible program, it really puts it into perspective when you hear it from a student. Whether it’s the small classes that attract extremely motivated students from diverse backgrounds, the choice of more than 10 different MBA specializations or the advantages of attending a top MBA school, with a reasonable tuition, giving you one of the best ROIs any MBA program in Canada has to offer, current and post part-time students are truly loving their experience with Laurier.

“The part-time program offers the ability for working professionals to balance their careers, personal life and education. Laurier students are in a tremendous position to enhance their careers while working and managing tuition costs. Coming from the personal experience of switching companies during the MBA program, I can say that employers recognize and appreciate the driven individuals who take on part-time Master’s level education.”
Jesse Fragale, MBA – 2017
Corporate Real Estate Advisor
Avison Young Commercial Real Estate

“Laurier’s part-time MBA program in Toronto allows the flexibility to attend class every other weekend while working full time. It is one of the key reasons as to why I chose Laurier. Not only that, I’ve gained valuable knowledge that I can apply in the workplace, and I enjoy working with the students and faculty in the program who have expanded my network of connections.”
Joyce Li, MBA – 2017
Marketing Manager

“The biweekly class schedule of Laurier’s part-time program provides the flexibility I was looking for in an MBA program. It allows me to plan some weekends for my personal life, and not having weeknight classes gives me the flexibility for overnight business travel as well! The integrated core is a great aspect of the program; projects are set up to allow integrated application of all class concepts. The enthusiasm and dedication of the professors is another key aspect of the program. Even though we only get to have a few sessions together, I really feel that they are sincerely interested in student learning and success.”
Leah Nacua, MBA – 2017
Manufacturing Process Engineer

“Pursuing my MBA part-time has allowed me to apply what I learn in the classroom one day, directly to the real-world the next. Work-school-life balance IS possible!”
Karthika Rajamanikkom, MBA – 2015
Trisura Guarantee Insurance Company

“The part-time program at Laurier is amazing as it works around my work schedule. Having classes on alternate weekends really helps, since I can balance work and school, and also squeeze in some social events. In addition, I’m able to apply what I’m learning in class to everyday work experience. This allows me to solidify my understanding of the concepts as well as complete work projects. The part-time program is a great fit for anyone who is working and wants to pursue further education.”
Gerald Cheng, MBA – 2018
Implementation Consultant

“The part time program is a great way to balance work, life and school. You are truly able to apply what you learn one weekend at work the very next day.”
Andrew Chornenky, MBA – 2014
Senior Manager Corporate Communications

“The part-time program worked perfectly for my needs. I could plan my classes around my work schedule and study on weekends. I’m not going to lie: it’s a lot of work, but it truly pays off. The part-time program has also given me the opportunity to immediately apply the theory I learned in class to the real world and see the results in action. It’s been a very enlightening experience and I now look at the world differently; through an MBA lens.”
Tristan Pilcher, MBA – 2015
Project Lead/Senior Business Analyst
Manulife Financial

“Pursuing the Laurier Part-Time MBA program in Waterloo has allowed me to continue to work and live outside of Waterloo, while furthering my education. I am consistently impressed with the level of professionalism and approachability of the professors, staff and fellow students. Being a part-time student can be very demanding at times, but the professors understand this and are willing to work with everyone’s unique needs.”
Emily Schinbein CPA, CMA, MBA – 2017
Senior Accounting Clerk
The Corporation of the City of London

By: Paige O’Grady (Wilfrid Lazaridis MBA, Digital Marketing Coordinator)