While completing the Lazaridis MBA at Laurier, you may have the option within your elective terms to specialize your general MBA degree. Some MBA specializations are campus specific, as not all elective offerings are available every term at both campus locations. A field of specialization within your MBA degree consists of a completion of a minimum of four elective courses that are listed for that field. You can decide to complete one of the fields of specializations listed below:

  • Accounting
  • Financial Management
  • Entrepreneurship
  • International Business Management
  • Marketing
  • Operations Management
  • Organizational Behaviour & Human Resource Management
  • Strategic Management
  • Supply Chain Management

Courses by Field


*BU607 Accounting
BU617 Financial Accounting I
BU620 Management Controls
BU627 Financial Accounting II
BU637 Financial Information Systems
BU647 Managerial Tax Planning
BU657 Financial Statements
BU667 Accounting Theory & Advanced Financial Reporting
BU687 Advanced Management Accounting
BU697u Intermediate Management Accounting


*BU603 Financial Management
BU613 Entrepreneurial Finance
BU623 Derivatives & Financial Risk Management
BU633 Management of Financial Institutions
BU643 International Financial Management
BU653 Short-term Financial Management
BU663 Advanced Corporate Finance
BU673 Investment Management
BU713 Fixed Income Analysis
BU723 Advanced Investment Management


*ENTREPRENEURSHIP: (by application only, during
Fall term)

ENTR600 Business Model Creation and Execution (1.0 credit, taken in lieu of BU610)
BU611 Entrepreneurship
BU613 Entrepreneurial Finance

*Pending approval, subject to change

 Plus one of:
BU699 Design Thinking
BU711 Creativity in Entrepreneurial & Intrapreneurial Environment
 Recommended elective
BU660 Laurier Startup Fund



BU661 International Strategy or
BU669 International Business

Plus any 3 of:

BU612 International Marketing and Entrepreneurship
BU635 Global Operations and Logistics
BU643 International Financial Management
BU690B AISAM-Asian Intensive School for Advanced Management
BU690p ESSAM-European Summer School for Advanced Management


*BU602 Marketing
BU612 International Marketing and Entrepreneurship
BU621 Managing Competitive Intelligence
BU622 Services Marketing Management
BU632 Marketing & Technology
BU642 Marketing Strategy
BU652 Consumer Behaviour
BU662 Marketing Research
BU672 Integrated Marketing Communications
BU682 Business-to-Business Marketing
BU692e Creativity and idea Generation in Marketing
BU692t Sales Process & Management
BU732 Strategic Brand Management


*BU605 Operations Management
*BU609 Business Analytics
BU615 Environmental Management
BU635 Global Operations and Logistics
BU645 Supply Chain Management
BU655 Managing Innovation & Technical Change
BU665 Statistical Analysis
BU695u Technology Audit and Technology Assessment
BU695v Procurement & Supply Management
BU695w Project Management


*BU604 Organizational Behaviour
BU628 Leadership
BU648 Communication in a Managerial Context
BU658 Organizational Dynamics and Change
BU668 Organization of Design & Structure
BU678 Human Resources Management
BU691t Negotiation and Conflict Management
BU698e Industrial Relations
BU698n Not-for-Profit Management
BU698q Organizational Consulting


*BU601 Strategic Management
BU611 Entrepreneurship
BU621 Managing Competitive Intelligence
BU641 Mergers and Acquisitions Strategy
BU642 Marketing Strategy
BU650 Ethics and the Conduct of Business
BU651 The Canadian Legal Environment for Managers
BU661 International Strategy
BU669 International Business
BU670 Business Research Methodology
BU671 General Managers in Action
BU691v Contemporary Issues in Management
BU701 Competitive Strategy for a Sustainable World
BU711 Creativity in Entrepreneurial & Intrapreneurial Environments
BU721 Managing the Family Enterprise
BU731 Corporate Governance and Integrated Risk Management
BU694b Game Theory in Business Economics


BU635 Global Operations and Logistics
BU645 Supply Chain Management
BU682 Business-to-Business Marketing
BU695v Procurement & Supply Management


BU600 Managing the Organizational Life Cycle (Gene Deszca)
BU610 Applied Business Research
BU640 Integrative Strategic Thinking and Action
BU680 Research Project
BU690 Directed Studies & require instructor’s approval
BU690p ESSAM & International
BU699 Design Thinking

* Core courses can not be taken for a field declaration
** Students must first apply for course BU610E with a start-up idea of their own, or within a group with a start-up idea. If the individual/group secures admission to BU610E then they are permitted to complete the remaining required courses listed for the specialization. Note that the course BU610E occurs for two terms, except for Co-op students, this course is for one term.