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Elective courses are offered based upon a survey of the class interests each term. A diverse and broad range of subject topics are initially offered, from which students will indicate their preferences. The result is a dynamic blend of several elective course topics that are relevant and current to today’s business environment. If you require additional information about Laurier’s Toronto MBA campus electives, please contact Maggie Allan, Toronto MBA Programs Leader, at 519-884-0710 ext. 2575.

Course Number Course Title Course Description
BU617 Financial Accounting I This course focuses on the concepts, methods, and uses of financial information. It includes an in-depth examination of the accounting theory that is the basis of current accounting practice and how it can be applied to emerging issues; the application of the procedures and practices under Generally Accepted Accounting Principles (GAAP); and the examination of how financial accounting serves the needs of external decision-makers: investors, creditors, and other interested individuals and groups including the public at large.
Prerequisite: 607
Exclusion: BU697n
BU627 Financial Accounting II This course provides a detailed study of accounting principles, practices and concepts with an emphasis on their application for liabilities and equity accounts. It builds on Financial Accounting I, including an emphasis on Canadian Generally Accepted Accounting Principles (GAAP) and how financial accounting serves the needs of external decision-makers.

Prerequisites: BU617

Exclusions: BU697n

BU628 Leadership This course focuses on the nature of effective organizational leadership. Competent leadership will contribute to more effective management of people and organizations.
Prerequisite BU604
BU637 Financial Information Systems This course explores the role of the management accountant in the design, implementation, and use of contemporary financial information systems. Particular attention is paid to the use of accounting systems to support strategic objectives.

Prerequisites: Registration in the final year of the MBA with CPA option program

Exclusions: BU697Q

BU641 Mergers & Acquisitions This course prepares students to assume effective roles as managers and advisors in the planning, implementation, and evaluation of merger and acquisition strategies. An understanding of basic mergers and acquisitions strategy concepts, tools, and best practices and their appropriate application are developed, and a disciplined and integrative approach is taken to analyze the interrelated elements of mergers and acquisitions transactions and an appreciation of the effects that value-creating mergers and acquisitions can have on all stakeholders.

Prerequisites: BU601BU602BU603BU604BU605BU606BU607BU609

Exclusions: BU691m

BU651 The Canadian Legal Environment for Managers To provide a better understanding of the legal environment in which one must function as a manager, areas of discussion include a review of the Canadian legal system; the role of the courts and administrative tribunals; the civil and criminal responsibility of the corporation; the legal positions of directors, officers and shareholders, and their rights and obligations under the law; and laws dealing with product liability and competition offences.

Prerequisites BU601BU602BU603BU604BU605BU606BU607BU609

BU652 Consumer Behaviour An analysis of the consumer decision process, consumer relations, marketing problems. Consumer policies (education, protection, and information) and the many legal, social and media influences in the marketplace.
Prerequisite BU602
BU658 Organizational Dynamics & Change This course examines planned organizational change. Students develop skills in identifying change opportunities in organizations; planning to deal with resistance to change; and implementing and evaluating change processes.
BU661 International Strategy An examination of strategy formulation and implementation in enterprises whose vital interests and major activities extend across national boundaries either by choice or competitive necessity. A variety of issues are investigated, including foreign market entry strategies, developing and sustaining international competitiveness, and adjusting to industry globalization.

Prerequisites: BU601

BU673 Investment Management This course covers the theory and practice of security analysis and portfolio management using simulated trading. Coverage includes investment taxes, mutual fund management and equity and bond market analysis. Technical and fundamental analyses are also covered.

Prerequisite BU603

BU691v Contemporary Issues Seminar in Policy
BU693x Equity Valuation Methods Seminar in Finance
BU697u Intermediate Management Accounting Seminar in Accounting
BU697v Advanced Topics in Management Seminar in Accounting
BU701 Competitive Strategy for a Sustainable World This course explores the nature of the “triple bottom line” — the simultaneous delivery of economic, social, and environmental performance — by organizations. Sustainable enterprises use business as an instrument of social development and environmental improvement. Environmental thinking and social responsiveness are integrated proactively into core business processes, systems, and strategies. For a growing number of companies, competitive advantage is rooted in such new capabilities as pollution prevention, design for environment, social development, and stakeholder engagement. Through a combination of cases, readings, lectures, videos, guest speakers, projects, and simulations, students will engage in discussions aimed at developing strategy models and applying new strategy tools that integrate the principles of environmental management and social performance with competitiveness.

Prerequisites: BU601

Exclusions: BU691o

BU732 Strategic Brand Management Branding is a critical area of marketing strategy relevant to all organizations. This course examines the role of brands in customer decision-making, relationship management, and building organizational value. Specific attention is paid to building and executing brand strategies in a variety of business contexts — B2B, Services, Consumer Goods, Non-Profits and Global. Through lectures, case discussions, experiential exercises and guest speakers, students will gain insights into the issues and concepts related to brand management.

Prerequisites: BU602

Exclusions: BU692u