Course Number Course Title Course Description
BU690b AISAM – Asian Intensive School for Advanced Management No Description.
Prerequisites: BU601-BU607 & BU609
BU690p ESSAM – European Summer School for Advanced Management No Description.
Prerequisites: BU601-BU607 & BU609
BU698B Negotiation and Conflict Management This course provides a detailed examination of the managerial processes of negotiation, mediation, and arbitration as strategic alternatives to litigation when attempting to resolve disputes between the various stakeholders of an organization. The theoretical constructs and practical skills developed in the course can be used to resolve a broad range of interpersonal, organizational, commercial, and labour/management disputes. Course participants will learn the skills of principled negotiation and mediation via their participation in a series of team-based exercises and role playing situations.
Prerequisite: BU604
BU691v Contemporary Issues & Advances in Management This course examines special issues and topics relating to managing new challenges in the contemporary business environment. The course extends foundations provided in existing MBA courses to address special requirements of managing new challenges in today’s increasingly complex environment. The course will be offered as an interdisciplinary, integrated management course, and thus may include a spectrum of issues facing business enterprise. Specific topics will be developed by faculty and students, and will vary depending on contemporary themes and interests.
Prerequisite: All MBA core courses (BU601, BU602, BU603, BU604, BU605, BU606, BU607, BU609)
BU692e Creativity and Idea Generation in Marketing The ability to generate creative and innovative insights and ideas is a critical skill for marketers. This course will demonstrate that creativity can be taught and learned. Students will be exposed to a variety of tools and techniques to generate creative ideas: gain a deeper understanding of the creative process, and develop their own abilities to produce creative marketing insights.
Prerequisite: BU602
BU692t Sales Process Management This course examines the role of Sales Management, Sales Processes and Sales Representatives in the Sales and Marketing functions of an organization. The selling process will be examined from the prospective of both a sales representative and a sales manager and will include an exploration of the role of the sales person in the sales process, their contribution to sales, resource development, and assessment of customer needs to build satisfaction. In addition, this course is designed to develop and apply a framework for dealing with sales management: the formulation and implementation of a strategic sales program, and the motivation, control, and evaluation of sales performance.
Prerequisite: BU602
BU695u Tech. Audit & Tech. Assessment Technology audit and Technology assessment is a comprehensive, systematic, independent, and periodic examination of a company or business unit’s technology environment, objectives, strategies, and activities with a view to determining problem areas and opportunities and recommending a plan of action to improve the company’s technology performance.
Prerequisite: BU605
BU695w Project Management This course introduces the tasks and challenges fundamental to project management, the vital function of managing complex projects across multiple functions. The importance of project management has increased given that projects have become a major tool for implementing and achieving the strategic goals and initiatives of most organizations. The unique benefits associated with effective project management include rapid innovation and execution, better and more efficient use of firm resources, and increased cross-functional communications. This course guides the students through both the technical elements (e.g. schedules, resource and risk management etc.) and the socio-cultural elements (e.g. leadership, teamwork, politics, etc). The course provides students with holistic, integrative view of project management by developing an appreciation for tools, techniques and skills of project management, using both theoretical and practical methods.
BU695v Procurement and Supply Management This course provides an understanding of how an organization manages procurement of materials and services used in its operations. We explore how effective purchasing and supply management can help an organization harness its suppliers’ capabilities to achieve its strategic goals. Topics include purchasing strategy, supplier selection and development, and selected topics in inventory management.
Prerequisite: BU605
BU697u Intermediate Management Accounting This course addresses managerial accounting, which includes a variety of tools and concepts that assist managers with the planning, co-ordination, motivation and evaluation of activities of the organization and its members. The course includes in-depth study of cost and management accounting techniques/concepts and their application to product costing, planning, control and decision-making.
Prerequisite: BU607
BU698e Industrial Relations This course will draw upon the disciplines of law and history to assess various aspects of the current industrial relations climate. Major emphasis will be on the state of industrial relations in Ontario. Topics include employment standards and labour relations legislation, collective bargaining, dispute resolution procedures, contract administration, industrial democracy and the structure and growth of the Canadian labour movement.
Prerequisite: BU604
BU698n Not-For-Profit Management This course offers students the opportunity to explore current challenges in the management of Canadian nonprofit organizations. Topics will be decided by participants and may include: fundraising, staff recruitment & development, customer service, volunteer recruitment & management, board governance, NPO-business partnerships, feasibility studies of commercial ventures, and others.
Prerequisites: BU601-BU607 & BU609
BU698q Organizational Consulting Individuals increasingly find themselves in consulting roles and assignments, be it as an internal member of an organization or an external advisor. This course focuses primarily on internal and external consulting roles, contact and contract development, contract management, consulting methods and processes, and consulting skills development. While the course content focuses on more generic consulting skills, participants will be required to personalize that content. They will be expected to address the specific areas they may wish to consult in. They will be expected to develop their consulting practice plan plus their plan for the development of critical skills, abilities, and experiences needed to launch and succeed in this area.
Prerequisites: BU601-607 & BU609
BU698w Managing the Growing Small Enterprise This course focuses on the opportunities and challenges involved in managing growing entrepreneurial firms. Emphasis is placed on management of early-stage technology venture, but content is broad enough to be relevant to all growing, early-stage business. Prerequisite: BU601-607, BU609
BU692e Game Theory in Business Economics  The course is designed to teach students core tools of game theory and to show how these tools may be applied to strategic problems in business and economics. All formal classes will be held in the first six weeks of the course (two three-hour slots per week (May – June) . Students will spend the second half of the term working on a term paper/case study.


BU690 & Independent Directed Studies

The Business 690 course is an option available for students who wish to specialize in a particular field. One Business 690 course equals a one term, 600 level elective (.50 credit). Please feel free to discuss the option with the MBA Office and your specific MBA Program Leader. Application/request forms are available through the MBA Program Office.

NOTE: Forms must be completed and submitted to the MBA Program Office with an add/drop form.

Option 1: Research Project

The student must contact a professor to secure their involvement and agreement to supervise the directed study. Please confirm with the MBA Program Office before contacting a professor to ensure that professor has not exceeded their limit. The MBA Director must approve this contract and sign all of the required forms. All forms must be completed and submitted to the MBA Program Office no later than the second week of the following term.

Listed below are examples of research projects that have been completed by students.

  • Application of the BIS Guidelines in the Canadian Banking System
  • Marketing of High Technology
  • Issues in Hospital Governance
  • Implementation of O.R. Techniques in Manufacturing
  • Water Treatment Market Opportunities in India

A detailed contract form should include such areas as:

  • a course of study
  • learning objectives
  • deliverables
  • contact time(s)
  • methodology
  • data
  • analysis
  • literature review

Please note that a BU690 course is worth .50 credit, and must be completed during one term. If the course cannot be completed in that time, a Request for Extension form must be submitted to the MBA Program Office. A maximum of two BU690 courses are allowed during a student’s program.