Coast to Coast to Coast — an adventure you won’t forget.

Have you ever felt the desire to travel across the country? Are you looking for a way to celebrate Canada’s 150 years? Then this may be the perfect addition to your MBA studies.

The Students on Ice Foundation and Canada C3 are inviting 300 students to join them on a 150 day sailing expedition across Canada. For over 150 years, the Students on Ice Foundation has been leading educational expeditions to the Arctic and Antarctic, while engaging youth in the environment. This journey begins in Toronto and ends in Victoria, sailing through the Northwest Passage and along the coast of Canada to give students a deeper understanding of our land, people and country.

Geoff Green, who will be leading the expedition hopes that the voyage will reach those across the country on dry land as well. The public will be able to sign up online to be “virtual crew members” to receive daily video content as well as have access to “C3 Hubs” at local museums. “Every day is going to be different on board. There’s this cross-section of Canadians on board and they’re not all tourists. They’re here to play a role, to share the journey with all the millions of Canadians following the journey digitally.” says Green.

As our world continues to grow in its demand for globally-minded people, the best way for young students to achieve this is through travel. Apart from a busy schedule while in school, the opportunity to travel once out of school can be even more limiting  — with securing a job, finding a home and paying bills, travelling can be thrown to the side. This journey is giving Canadians the chance to explore parts of our country like never before, while expanding their horizons with every port.

Students can have a hard time taking a break from their busy schedules — which are often created by the need for extra-curricular involvement. With the option to partake in this journey for 10 days at a time, participants are given the flexibility they need as well as a chance to put something on their resume which is unique and memorable.

Every year, the Lazaridis MBA takes a handful of students on an International Business Study Trip, where they are given a chance to interact with various executives of high profile companies in different industries. “This isn’t a public relations presentation,” says Gene Deszca, Associate MBA Director at Wilfrid Laurier University. “We hand-pick companies and executives who will speak to us, vulnerable and candidly about what business issues keep them up at night.” Through this immersive travelling experience, students are given a chance to increase their exposure to different cultures and incorporate their learning into their lives in a unique way.

This year, Lazaridis MBA students traveled to Ho Chi Minh City, Kuala Lampur, Bangkok and Hong Kong. Here are some pictures from their trip.

Be sure to take advantage of this once in a lifetime opportunity to travel across Canada and apply today. To see how else you can celebrate 150 years, click here.

300 Canadians — 150 days — 3 coasts. You don’t want to miss out.