Brad Katsuyama: Taking on Wall Street’s Wolves


“Brad Katsuyama has never been one to start a fight. In fact, he’s usually the one who tries to diffuse a tense a situation.

But seemingly overnight, Katsuyama (BBA ’01) went from being a humble trader in New York City to being right in the thick of one of the most contentious and public fights Wall Street has ever seen.

Katsuyama was thrust into the spotlight in late March after the release of Flash Boys: A Wall Street Revolt, a book by Michael Lewis, author of previous bestsellers The Big Short and Moneyball. The book chronicles the use of computerized high-frequency trading and asserts the stock market is rigged for the benefit of insiders. Since its release, the mild-mannered Katsuyama, a central figure in the book, has become the face of its controversial argument.

From being featured in a 60 Minutes segment, to getting in a heated exchange on live television that later went viral, to testifying in front of a U.S. Senate subcommittee, Katsuyama has found himself in some unfamiliar situations since he went from a “normal guy” to an unlikely public figure.

And though he wasn’t looking for a fight, when one was brought to him, he was ready to fight back.”

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