5 Tips for Submitting a Successful Lazaridis MBA Application

From deadlines to eligibility, here’s some inside tips on submitting a successful application.

Deciding to pursue your MBA can be stress-filled – but it doesn’t need to be.

“The Lazaridis MBA offers a number of programs and study options to give our students flexibility,” says Maureen Ferraro, marketing and recruitment co-ordinator for Toronto programs. “It can be overwhelming, but that’s what we’re here for.”

A pillar of the Lazaridis MBA is exceptional student service – from helping applicants determine the program that best suits their needs and schedules to a tailored pathway to bring applications to eligibility, we’ve got you covered.

“Our information sessions, held in Waterloo and in Toronto, are a great way to see what the programs are all about,” adds Holly Paterson, marketing and recruitment co-ordinator for Waterloo programs. “And our one-on-one sessions and online pre-assessments are a great way to learn where you stand eligibility-wise, and what the exact steps you should be taking are.”

Wondering where to start?

1) Confirm the application deadlines for your program.

With two campuses, a multitude of programs and international and domestic applications, deadlines can become a bit jumbled. Here’s a quick low-down.

February 1 – all Toronto programs (domestic and PR applicants) for April 2019 intake

Recommended deadline of June 30 – all Waterloo programs (domestic and PR applicants) for August 2019 intake

January 15 – Full-time Waterloo programs (international applicants) for August 2020 intake (2019 applicants are now closed)

For domestic and PR applicants, we offer rolling admissions to our program – meaning we review completed applications as they arrive. “As soon as your application meets eligibility, be sure to begin the application process,” Maureen advises. “We accept applicants until the program is full or until the application deadline. Due to the highly competitive nature of our programs, it’s always good to get your applications in.”

2) Follow all of the steps

There are a lot of details in your application – from what your unofficial transcripts must contain to how to complete your statement of intent (spoiler alert: this is a form you complete – not your own personal essay). When applying be sure to visit How to Apply and the Graduate Admissions Toolkit – these are valuable resources to help ensure you’ve got everything you need in the proper order.

3) Know what we’re looking for

While there are variations to GMAT scores and length of work experience required, for example, to our different programs, there is also consistency in what we’re looking for:

Strong Academic Acumenusually discerned through the equivalent of a 4 year Canadian university degree. We need our applicants to demonstrate that they are able to handle graduate level studies.

Strong Quantitative Reasoning – determined by a GMAT score or evidence of quantitative skills in your academic transcript.

Work Experience for all programs aside from Full-time with Co-op this means at least two years of full-time work experience outside of your academic pursuits.

“Our co-op option was designed for newly minted graduates with less than two years work experience, it’s why applicants will see slightly higher minimum requirements in the other two pillars (academics and quantitative),” Holly explains. “Work experience is any full-time work done outside of post-secondary studies. While we will credit co-op work terms, your summer jobs do not count towards this experience.”

4) Share a personal glimpse

When completing your Statement of Intent be sure to give us a glimpse of who you are. We ask you to highlight your professional and personal achievements as well as your community involvement. “There’s no word or character limit in any of these questions,” says Maureen. “So tell us about yourself – set yourself apart. Just remember: we’re looking for quality not quantity.”

5) Check your list – twice!

You are in control of your application process – so be sure to follow along to ensure all the documents have been uploaded.

“There’s no ‘submit’ button on the application,” Holly cautions. “This often results in confusion. Your application comes to us once all documents are there – so it’s up to you to make sure you’ve given us everything you needed to.”

“Each year we’re excited by the calibre of our applicants,” says Mitali De, director of the Lazaridis MBA. “These are exceptional students from a variety of academic, professional and geographic backgrounds and their diversity lends a great flavour and depth to our classroom experiences.”

If you’re ready to apply – good luck! If you’re looking for more information on Toronto or Waterloo programs, don’t ever hesitate to ask.

“The best part of my job is encouraging, empowering and equipping applicants,” says Holly.

“Watching them succeed in the program and celebrate at commencement is also great,” Maureen adds.