2016 Lazaridis MBA Company Projects and Guest Speaker

Shareholders need a comprehensive understanding of the companies they own. At the Lazaridis MBA we understand that.

“We want to help develop our students and graduates to think integratively,” says Dr. Hugh Munro, Director Lazaridis MBA. “Through our annual Lazaridis MBA Company Project, we encourage our students to apply their technical and mechanical skills within the strategic and market cultural underpinning to really understand the bigger picture.”

The Lazaridis MBA Company Project is an integrative exercise that challenges our students and equips them for their futures. It’s a chance to apply theoretical lessons in a practical framework.

The 2016 Lazaridis MBA Company Project will take place on Saturday, Nov. 19 at the Lazaridis MBA Waterloo campus. Welcoming over 200 students — Toronto MBA core, Full-time Waterloo MBA and Part-Time Waterloo BU 601 students — the event will feature poster presentations and executive summaries aimed to provide an overview of participating companies’ current strategies and performance, with a focus on how participants would navigate the companies in the marketplace. All presentations will be evaluated by faculty and program cohort members are encouraged to learn from each other’s findings.

As a part of the day’s events, a key note speaker is welcomed to talk about a current stock of interest. This year we’re proud to welcome Wilfrid Laurier University alumnus and Alumni Gold Medal winner
Mike Cestas (BBA ’13, CFA). Currently an Analyst at Turtle Creek Asset Management, Mike has also worked with Gluskin Sheff, and is sure to engage students and faculty alike on his take of the market.

The Lazaridis MBA understands the importance of testing theory in practical applications. Throughout the program, our students are provided with a holistic and integrated approached to leading business.