Women’s MBA Alumnae Panel 2016

When questions around academic and professional backgrounds and the GMAT arose a collective sigh permeated the room – it seemed all had been carrying this burden. But the alumnae agreed, it wasn’t something worth holding you back. “If you have the drive and determination then you’ll succeed at your MBA. You just really have to want it,” said Allison Kilpatrick, MBA ’15.

On Thursday, Nov. 17, the Lazaridis MBA welcomed a panel of alumnae to Toronto’s Verity club. Over the course of the evening, prospective and current students learned more about the Lazaridis experience and the impact the MBA has had on the alumnae’s lives.

“My mentor told me “An MBA can only serve you well,” and that was my experience, and I loved doing it at Laurier,” shared Veronique Parry, MBA ’15.

“Education and knowledge can’t be taken away from you, and that was a determining factor for me in pursuing my MBA at Laurier,” Allison Kilpatrick, MBA ’15 added.

Inquiring attendees asked about the Toronto and Waterloo campus experiences, course load, impacts on family and return on investment. Our alumnae weren’t bashful in their responses – sharing real, raw and honest insights into what the next year to four years would look like for the guests.

Beyond building a strong network of family and friends to help buoy you on your journey, Karinna Neumann, MBA ’01 reminded all to reach out to current employers. “Never forget to ask for support from your employer, because you’ll apply what you learn and give a value add to your position and company immediately.”

As the evening came to a close, the alumnae shared how the Lazaridis MBA’s small class sizes, Integrated Core, integrated case exercises and accessible professors made pursuing their MBA with us the obvious choice. With a variety of study options (Full-time, Full-time Co-op, Part-time Evenings and Part-time Alternate Weekends) and specializations available, the Lazaridis MBA can be tailored to your lifestyle and ambitions. To learn more, contact us today.