2015 Technology Spotlight: Laurier alumni featured as local tech leaders

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The Waterloo Region Record recently published the 2015 issue of Technology Spotlight magazine. This annual publication highlights innovative business leaders who have made an impact on the tech industry both in the Waterloo community and at a global level.

Waterloo is increasingly being defined as a hub for technological innovation. Hundreds of innovative businesses are breaking down barriers as the Waterloo region is quickly transforming into a global tech powerhouse.

With the option offered to specialize in innovation and entrepreneurship, the Lazaridis MBA has produced many creative tech leaders. Featured in this year’s Technology Spotlight are MBA graduates Iain Klugman, Norm Malloch, Ian McDonald, David Yach, Alex Hoff, and Marc Morin.

Read the articles on our featured MBA alumni, and Dean of the Lazaridis School of Business & Economics, Micheal J. Kelly below.

Iain Klugman, MBA ‘01
CEO, Communitech

Iain shares his excitement over the growth and rapid technological change apparent in the Kitchener-Waterloo community. Large companies are migrating to Waterloo to engage with our innovative start-up ecosystem and access young entrepreneurial talent. At the Communitech Hub, Iain is proud to welcome Canadian Tire, TD Bank Group, Canon, and more partners to the corporate innovation space. These connections will ensure that Waterloo’s tech community continues to flourish and produce innovative ideas.

Read Iain’s spotlight article here.

Ian McDonald, MBA ’05
Director, TD Bank Group’s Innovation Lab

Open for just over a year, TD Bank Group’s innovation lab in Waterloo is driven to be “lean, creative, and experimental”. Ian shares that TD’s interaction with local startups and corporate partners in an innovative ecosystem has led to the creation of new mobile banking technology. Ian commented that the Waterloo region is ideal for TD as it provides an abundance of young talent, employing more than 30 university co-op students this year. With diverse academic backgrounds and fresh innovative ideas, TD embraces young entrepreneurs in their innovation lab.

Read about Ian and the success of TD’s innovation lab here.

Norm Malloch, MBA ’95
Director, Deloitte Innovation Lab

Deloitte’s “Dee Space” lab is committed to developing new products and services that meet the emerging technological needs of their clients. After just 6 months of operation, Norm shares that the Dee Space team, consisting of just 8 employees with a variety of tech experience, has already developed multiple ideas for their clients. As a seasoned 20-year entrepreneur, Norm and his team are taking Deloitte to new levels by leveraging their investment in the tech community.

Read about Norm and the Dee Space lab here.

David Yach MBA ‘88, CTO & Co-Founder, Auvik Networks
Alex Hoff MBA ‘10, VP Product Management & Co-Founder, Auvik Networks
Marc Morin MBA ‘94, CEO & Co-Founder, Auvik Networks

David, Alex and Marc founded Auvik Networks with a desire to create a better way to manage IT networks using cloud computing. As highly skilled tech innovators and all three being Lazaridis MBA alumni, Auvik’s founders knew Waterloo was the ideal community to launch their business. With $6 million in seed funding and plans to double their employee count, Auvik Networks is rapidly growing. In the next year, Auvik plans to up their sales force and expand their marketing internationally.

The Lazaridis School of Business & Economics also presented David, Alex, and Marc with the 2015 Entrepreneurship and Innovation award for their commitment to developing Auvik Networks as a world leader in IT infrastructure.

Read more about Auvik Networks and its founders here.

Micheal J. Kelly
Dean, Lazaridis School of Business & Economics

Wilfrid Laurier University is quickly becoming a leader in technology and business. With the creation of Lazaridis Hall, named after BlackBerry co-founder Mike Lazaridis, Laurier is striving to showcase the strength of our business program, and emphasize our location in the heart of Waterloo. Located in a creative ecosystem comparable to Silicon Valley, the Waterloo region is developing as a collaborative network of young talent. Business leaders around the world are being drawn to Waterloo as the region provides a unique innovative ecosystem.

The Lazaridis School of Business & Economics is committed to developing young tech leaders within the Waterloo region, and has designed curriculum to build management skills and produce talent for local tech start-ups. With an impressive 2,000+ alumni listed as founders or co-founders of start-ups, Laurier’s business school is producing entrepreneurs who have the skills needed to succeed in the tech industry. As Dean Kelly stated, “We play a very complementary role in the technology sector,” many Laurier graduates are now executives at top local tech firms.

The Lazaridis School of Business & Economics has also partnered with business schools and tech hubs around the world to share the benefit of our start-up community. Dean Kelly notes that we have the skills and knowledge to scale our local start-ups into creators of economic value, and the Lazaridis School of Business & Economics is committed to providing our students with the knowledge they need to shape the future of technology.

Read more from Dean Micheal J. Kelly here.

To learn more about Laurier’s MBA program and the specialization in Innovation & Entrepreneurship, as well as the opportunity to apply for Laurier’s Launchpad program, click here.

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